KINōplus+ Mosquito Repellent Cream 30ml

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KINOplus Mosoff Natural Moquito Repellent Cream sentiasa di dalam bag anak saya. Produk ini sangat bagus dan ianya cepat meresap ke dalam kulit selepas sapu. Krim yang mempunyai texture lembut dan berbau wangi seperti serai wangi dan semestinya selamat untuk bayi. Anak saya juga suka memakai krim ini dan selesa apabila selepas disapu. Jika anak bermain diluar rumah saya pasti akan sapu pada kulit anak dahulu untuk elakkan dari gigitan nyamuk atau serangga kecil.

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This product is my second time purchase. Is really effective

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Fall in love with Kinoplus MOSOFF! With 3 in 1 func�on , which is repel, relief and moisturize ! Really help my children a lot! It is baby safe too!

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Effective in stopping itching



Love love love. With the current pandemic I hardly get to go out and I certainly enjoy my day out now especially with this repellent cream… its smooth and no oily residue after applying. Smell is not overpowering. Best I feel comfortable after using it. Some repellent has the too huge smell and it’s sticky that I don’t feel like myself. But this. I really enjoy it. Thank you for the product. Pove love love it.



It’s a superb product. With the easy twisting top, kids can handle it too. No more worries when we go outdoor now. Like the soothing smell. It’s non sticky and you won’t feel it at all. No More Worries No More Mozzies



Sometimes when taking a child out to play, we are not aware that the child may be bitten by mosquitoes, insects or caterpillars that cause itchy hands or feet. That is why I am comfortable applying MOSOFF Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream to my child because it is very effective. Did you know that MOSOFF Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream is formulated with 100% non -toxic natural plant extracts. Thus, it is completely safe, even on delicate baby skin and in case of accidental ingestion. This cream has a 3-in-1 formulation that repel mosquitoes, relieve itchy insect bites and moisturize the skin at the same time. Most importantly, it is safe for the child if swallowed accidentally. The refreshing and pleasant scent also provides an aromatherapy effect to help lift one’s mood and reduce stress levels. In addition, it is also hypoallergenic, alcohol and DEET free as well as light weight and non -greasy. Highly recommended!

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I love this bottle of MOSOFF Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream. It’s twist to open concept and pump to use are easy to use. I just need to twist, pump and spread it easily on the skin. The scent smells nice, and soothing, while helping to prevent mosquitos from attacking. The texture is soft, and easily blend onto the skin. Definitely to bring on the go when outdoor.



I love this mosquito repellent cream so much because It is formulated with 100% non-toxic natural plants extract which use safe to use for my baby. It is effective in preventing my kids from mosquito bite after applying the cream on them. It is non sticky and the scent is calming.



First, I love the design. The easy open and close design is super easy and classy. Second, I love the smell, kaffir lime eo. Third, my baby has a very sensitive skin especially the mosquito bites. This product is a big savior.

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As a mum, I always concern is there any “love bites” today and what makes me so worried about it? Its because my baby is O blood group and easy to get bites from mosquito. The worst thing is the love bites on her skin will leave a dark spot after this because she has sensitive skin. Now I always apply this on her before going out and it gave me less worried.



MOSOFF is my life saver to get rid of mosquitoes! I personally able to try and experience it myself, MOSOFF Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream product on my 3 year old plus daughter. Her skin is prone to attract mosquitoes therefore this comes in handy whenever she’s indoor or outdoor to keep her safe. I’m in love with the texture of the cream its non sticky and non greasy plus very light onto your skin. The product is 3 in 1 : Repel, Relief & Moisturize and 100% non-toxic natural plant extract which is what every mom like me adores, not forgetting it’s baby safe. Highly recommended to parents to me and mommies out there.



I love the Mosoff KINOplus product because it smells so fragrant and it isn’t sticky too! Above all the above, this product is also all natural and it makes me happy to find a suitable mosquito repellent for my dearest son ^.^



Useful and must have product! Choosing and using an effective yet safe mosquito repellent is always my main concern. MOSOFF Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream is formulated with 100% non-toxic natural plant extracts, which mean it’s definitely safe for all ages, pregnant women and also baby that enable me to use with peace of mind. Applying on skin, it’s lightweight and grease-free cream that has 3-in-1 effects as mosquitoes repellent, relief itchy bug bites and also moisturizing the skin. Convenient and easy to use, just turn the cap and press.

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I have been using the products for 2 years. It helps me to maintain the cleanliness at home and my pet boarding room. It is organic, safe and most importantly, it makes my job easier. The new product mosquito repellent protects me from danger. It is so moisturising and I love it! Thank you Homuplus!

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Belated birthday present (Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream) from 98percent