If need stronger cleaning effect to remove oily, greasy and tough stains, you may use the liquid without dilute.
Bleach will kill the plant enzymes in our nature all-purpose and render it ineffective. To remove the tough stain, spray on the stain, leave it for 10 mins, and rub the stain with wet towel. Repeat the step if needed instead of using the bleach because bleach is a harmful chemical agent.
Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals added to liquid and powder laundry detergents to make clothing appear whiter and brighter, and thus cleaner. Optical brighteners are proven toxic and their negative effect on water quality is immeasurable Our detergent powder all made by natural ingredients with ECOCERT it is free of optical brightener.
The fragrance in Homuplus+ detergent powder is from natural orange essential oil which it helps on disinfect and antibacterial
The natural ingredients have better colour care and keep clothes from fading.
Tooth-foam is a unique foaming formula composed of tiny bubbles, it helps to clean the braces gentler and cleaning, extraction of grapefruit seeds it helps to depress microbe, gargling with Refresh tooth-foam can protect from gum disease and prevent from terrible bad breath.
HōMUplus+ Shower Gel has ECOCERT-approved sodium lauryl sulphate, a mild, safe and eco-friendly natural foaming agent, made from natural raw materials.
Homuplus+ shower gel is a baby safe product; its mild formulation suitable for a baby’s skin.
Nature All-Purpose has ECOCERT-approved sodium lauryl sulphate, a mild, safe and eco-friendly natural foaming agent, made from natural raw materials.
Nature All-Purpose concentrated liquid has an active ingredient called sodium chloride which is extracted from a deep ocean mineral, the ingredient can effectively against germs and virus.
To use Refresh tooth-foam, shake the tooth-foam slightly, then press the tooth foam into your mouth 1 to 3 times, swirl around the whole mouth, gargle then split it out after a few seconds, gargle with clean water again if you needed.
To use Refresh tooth-foam, shake the tooth foam slightly, then press the tooth-foam into your mouth 1 to 3 times, then brush the teeth as usual.
After the liquid been diluted, the advisable preservation period is 3 months.
Apply the nourishing conditioner evenly and more on hair end then cover the hair with dry towel or left without cover, letting it sits for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off then dry up your hair as usual. You can repeat this twice a week to get an effective healthy result to your hair.
Apply on a wet hair after shampooing, leave in for couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly.
We suggested you buy a spray bottle from company as we have dilution guidelines on bottle for references. More, you can reuse other empty bottle follows the usage purpose and diluted ratio.
HōMUplus+ Shower Gel contains organic aloe vera and chondrus crispus extract it enhances skin’s ability to retain water, moisturizing and anti-allergic, its quick-foaming formulation very effective for cleaning the body, without stripping the skin of its protective barrier. Light texture of the shower gel is suitable for Asia climate.
Homuplus+Shower gel with organic calendula flower extracts helping in clam and soothe the sensitive and inflammatory scalp, the mild plant essences and a richness of amino acids to nourish and repair hair, protect hair scales and enhances water retainability
Tooth-foam is a unique foaming formula composed of tiny bubbles dissolved in the active ingredient. The micro bubbles can contact more area between the teeth and gums and the surface, which can effectively prevent tooth decay, oral cavity and gum diseases.
Homuplus+ Refresh tooth-foam is a unique foaming formula, it used to replace the toothpaste, mouthwash, and dentures cleaners.
HōMUplus+ Shower Gel is made from natural organic ingredients approved by ECOCERT; it has a unique head-to-toe mild formulation is suitable for all types of skin from kids to elderly.
HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner can reduce friction between strands of hair to allow easier brushing or combing, provide essential nutrients for hair, a nourishing ingredient shed butter contains vitamins A, D, E F helping hair recovery, keeps scalp healthy and reduce hair loss.
HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner has 3-in-1 function, it can be used as a normal conditioner, a hair penetration treatment and apply on dry hair for easier combing.
Homuplus+ detergent powder is highly water-soluble natural ingredients have strong cleansing effects and can remove tough stains without leaving powder residue than normal washing powder.
Nature All-Purpose concentrated liquid can clean almost everything at home just with one bottle. The liquid is concentrated base, dilute the liquid with water in a different ratio follows the usage purposes.
Nature All-Purpose concentrated liquid contains radix sophorae flavescentis, it is a plant based ingredient can repel the insect and it also has antibacterial function.