•  Nature Hand Sanitiser (500ml)

Nature Hand Sanitiser (500ml)

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HōMUplus+ Nature Sanitizer contains organic natural ingredients, suitable for alcohol sensitivities、health followers、children and babies use.

Tested by Malaysia’s lab : 
✓ Speedily kill 98% bacterial within 1 minute 
✓ Long-lasting Antibacterial 

Features of Product:
✓ Hand Sanitizing.
✓ Purifying the air.
✓ Can be used in car for antibacterial.
✓ Disinfection on all touched surfaces, antibacterial effectively. (Especially a shopping trolley)

Gentle Reminder:
* Recommended to use every 2 hours to maintain personal hygiene
* Antibacterial usage: spray on children's item/ toys, tableware, tables, door handles, toilets, etc

What do You get?
 Nature Hand Sanitisers (50ml)

**Limited quantity, first come first served basis!


  • Made from Natural Ingredients
  • Rough stains but does not harm the skin nor pets
  • Effectively removes pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables
  • Antibacterial, removes bad odour, purifies the environment and drives of pets
  • Suitable for home areas such as flooring, furniture, clothing, kitchenware, bathroom, etc.
  • More durable, more economical and environmental-friendly

Main Ingredients

  • Radix Sophorae Flavescentis: Natural insect repellent and antibacterial
  • Aloe Vera Extract: Antibacterial and accelerates wound healing 
  • Lemon Extract: Whitening and neutralizing agent, anti-inflammatory and removes grease and bad odor 
  • Deep Sea Mineral (Sodium Chlorite) active ingredient: Deep cleaning, antibacterial and disinfection 
  • Coconut Oil & Sunflower Oil: Antibacterial and accelerates wound healing


  1. DILUTE: Add on Nature Concentrated Liquid and clean water(Follow the suggested ratio)
  2. SHAKE: Shake and mix evenly
  3. USE: Spray wherever it is dirty

Usage and suggested ratio

  • 1:3 Heavy Duty - Kitchen/Industrail Machinery
     >>400ml clean water + 120ml nature concentrated liquid(30pumps)
  • 1:5 General Purpose - Fruits&Veggies/Milk Bottles&Toys/Pets/House Cleaning
    >>400ml clean water + 80ml nature concentrated liquid(20pumps)
  • 1:10 Light Use - Air Purification
    >>400ml clean water + 40ml nature concentrated liquid(10pumps)
  • 1:50 Stone Tile/Wooden Floor/Glass Surface
    >>400ml clean water + 8ml nature concentrated liquid(2pumps)

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